Listen to your customer

Ongoing customer discovery, validation & testing for startups

We help startups generate more revenue by providing them with deep and actionable insights about their customer's segments.

How can we help

We deliver deep and actionable insights about your customers on an ongoing basis

Have a new idea?

Whether it's a new product, service or feature that you would like to add to an existing product, we can help you reduce risks by identifying customers segments and getting deep and actionable insights about them.

We will conduct customer discovery and validation research that may include series of survey, interviews and observations with the goal to fully understand who are the customers and their goals, needs, challenges, willingness to pay, purchasing process and more. As with any other research that we make, we're not going to spend several months before providing you with any data, but rather provide you with updates every 2-4 weeks (depending on industry, market and your work style).

Want to increase conversion and reduce churn?

Only by talking to customers we can fully understand the real reason behind their behaviour and, as a result, improve conversion and reduce churn. Asking them the right question, see them using the product, understanding their environment, challenges and needs lead to predictable results - better product, better marketing messaging, better user experience, more revenue.

By making interviews and user testing sessions we are going to:

  • Validate product and customers assumptions and hypotheses.
  • Segment customers and define the best, secondary and negative ones.
  • Understand customers behaviour reseasons and what should be improved to match their expectations, increase motivation and improve satisfaction.

We're moving fast and providing you with research results every 2-4 weeks (depending on industry, market and your work style).

Willing to learn more about lean personas?

Willing to learn more about lean personas and how they can help you make better product and marketing decisions? We provide multiple in-house interactive workshops for startups, corporates, nonprofits and universities.

Our efforts to implement a customer-centric mindset are developed in a way that we train our clients all the skills they need in order to innovate and build products customers love.

While analytics tools provide insights into the past and answers "what has happened", ErnestButler helps you answer the "why" question!

Our Approach


As the first step, we're organising all the data that we learned from you into segments, personas, journey maps, etc.

The most important thing here is to agree on the very same picture of your customers and what do we really know about them (and what should be validated).


No need to conduct a vast research. Our goal is to identify and validate the most vital personas insights that might have a huge impact on your product and marketing and move to the next group of assumptions. Using surveys and polls, interviews and observations, analytics and raw data from other resources we will validate assumptions and discover customers insight.

Each report includes the complete information about research and it results.


The initial research may take 4 to 6 weeks. After that, we will deliver results every 2-4 weeks depending on product, market and your work style.

Every 2-4 weeks we’re going to start the process from the beginning by talking to stakeholders to get the latest product updates, customers feedbacks, marketing and sales updates. After that, we will build a research plan and accomplish it.

This approach allows us to generate personas that represent much more research than traditional personas ever did. Not only that, they represent the most recent understanding of customers which is crucial for fast-moving companies and their rapidly evolving products.

Let's Work Together

In a world of rapid change, companies have to work harder than ever to stay on top of their competition. Whether you are looking to get ahead or simply interested in hearing more about our services; all it takes is a conversation to turn your idea into a reality.