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Meet Jessica

She is 26 years old school teacher from Chicago IL. Married to Steven. He is a very nice guy. They don't have children. Income is not bad, but you know... they want to buy a house, so they're trying to not spend a lot.

Jessica loves to buy online. Clothes and shoes, electronic devices and gadgets, tickets, etc. However, she never buys before checking reviews and tries not to buy for a full price.

For reviews and advice, she is going to reviews websites, reads reviews and comments on Amazon and other e-commerce sites. Jessica also goes for advice to friends both offline and online.

She is 26 y/o school teacher
from Chicago IL, USA
Married, no children, medium household income.
Her primary goal is to find the best value for the lowest price.
Goes for advice to friends, social media and fashion blogs. Reads reviews.
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Including specific parameters for B2B, e-commerce, gaming, offline, etc.

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Every single research shows that using buyers personas in marketing leads to significantly better results. Personalisation is the key to successful marketing campaigns. Marketers were able to improve email open rates by 2x and click through rates by 5x using buyers personas. Behaviorally targeted PPC ads are twice as effective as non-targeted. Content marketing shows a massive increase in engagement when created with buyers personas in mind.

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A team that doesn’t consider the context of the persona’s typical environment and activities, risks creating a product experience that is disjointed, broken or incomplete. User personas can give designers and UX experts real insights into a customer, which will your result in you designing a much better product or service.

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Users Personas for Product Development

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Product Management and Development

Personas are crucial for agile development. Truly efficient epics and users stories cannot be created without creating users personas in the first place. The reason for using personas is for the team to get a better understanding of the story. It makes it easier for the team to relate to the story on a more personal and emotional level.

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