Customer Personas Management

Create comprehensive customers personas
and make better product and marketing decisions.

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While analytics tools provide insights into the past and answers "what has happened", ErnestButler helps you answer the "why" question!

Get to know your customer

Organise knowledge about your customer's personality, goals, needs, behaviour patterns.

Understand what you know and what you don't know about your customers.

Share that knowledge with your teammates so everyone could be on the same page.

Act on your customer insights

Prioritise product development based on your personas insights.

Create UI based on persona data.

Improve UX by researching users.

Increase motivation and performance

Let people know who they are building a product for.

No hidden costs | No surprises | Free forever

Meet Jessica!

She is 26 years old school teacher from Chicago IL. Married to Steven. He is a very nice guy. They don't have children yet. Income is not bad, but you know... they want to buy a house, so they're trying to not spend a lot.

Jessica loves to buy online. Clothes and shoes, electronic devices and gadgets, tickets, etc. However, she never buys before checking reviews and tries not to buy for a full price.

For reviews and advice, she is going to reviews websites, reads reviews and comments on Amazon and other e-commerce sites. Jessica also goes for advice to friends both offline and online.

We can either guess what customers want and need or simply ask them, organise that data and share with a team.


Create comprehensive personas using over 75 persona characteristics for any use-case including B2B, B2C, eCommerce and gaming. We keep adding new characteristics every week, but if you're lacking something specific, just send us a message.


Keep your personas accurate and helpful by using "Veracity Level". Made up personas are harmful. Let everyone know which characteristics based on interviews, surveys and analytics data, and which based on assumptions.


  • Export personas as PDF, PNG or JPEG
  • 16:9, 4:3, 1.41:1 (A paper format)
  • Landscape or Portrait
  • Re-arrange or hide some characteristics for export only (not affect persona data)
No hidden costs | No surprises | Free forever