It's free!

No hidden costs | No surprises | Free forever


Is the platform really free?

Yes, it is! No hidden costs, no surprises, free forever.

Why it's free?

Our mission is to help great teams create products customers love by helping them understand their customers.
We give our platform for free, to learn from your experience, needs and goals. It means that we might be quite annoying from time to time asking for feedback and what features and persona characteristics you think are lacking.

What if one day you will decided to charge for the platform?

The platform will stay free forever. But even if one day we will have to charge for it, everyone who signed up for free account gets it free forever.

Is my data secured?

Yes, of course! Latest SSL version, all the data in DB is encrypted by default.

I already have personas. I don't want to do it again.

No worries, send us your personas and we will convert them to ErnestButler personas for free.