What is a Minimum Viable Persona

"Minimum Viable Persona" is a set of information that answers the most 
vital questions about the persona 
and creates a solid ground to build on.

An MVP contains:
  • Basic info - Avatar, name, age, gender, occupation
  • Customer type - Is she a buyer or a user? Or maybe both.
  • Background story - Who is she and what brought her to your product or service?
  • Goals - What she is trying to achieve by buying and using your product or service?
  • Needs - Does she have any specific requirements?
  • Problem/Solution fit - How does your product or service helps her to achieve her goals?
  • It's important to start persona research and development by creating an MVP even if we don't have all the data. This will allow us to start quickly and from the very beginning know the level of our knowledge and understanding of this particular persona. What are the things we need to research or validate.

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