Customer Persona Background Story

Customer persona background story describes, in a free-form text, who she is and the journey that brought her to your product or service. Persona's background story usually includes some personal and professional information that makes the persona more real and also describes goals and needs related to your product or service.

Let's take a look at a few examples.

B2C e-commerce.

Jessica is a middle school teacher from Chicago, IL. She loves her job, even though sometimes it might be hard with some kids and requires extra patience after long hours. She is standing a lot through the day and in need of a good and comfy pair of shoes.

Jessica likes to buy online. She started to search at Amazon, but didn't find what she likes. So, she asked he Facebook friends for an advice.


Steve is an IT manager at medium-sized tech company from Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was one of the first employees at the company and cares deeply about every aspect of his job. One of his responsibilities is to manage SaaS subscriptions and software licenses expenses. He usually spends at least one day every month on tracking software costs changes and creating reports. That was too much for Steve, so he decided to look for a subscriptions management tool.

Important to remember, that details still have to be more general to avoid over-specification. A customer persona is a collective image of a specific customers group that represents their behavioural patterns. Hence, persona cannot be too real. For example, no need to describe what Steve usually wearing, what he feels about the weather and what he's going to eat today since it's not related to the product and too personal.

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