Customer Persona Goals

Customer persona goals section describes what persona's high-level wants, aims, objectives or activity purposes are. What job this persona hires your product to do. Persona's goals have to be clearly stated, not too generic and related to your product or service.

Let's take a look at a few examples.


Natalie wants to buy online a pair of shoes.
Her wants (what she actually wants to achieve) might be:
  • To find a perfect pair of shoes for everyday use.
  • To have enough shoes while staying within budget.
  • To get a unique pair of shoes from the new collection that no one else in town has.


Jason wants to play a video game
His goals might be:
  • Spend some time with friends playing video games online.
  • Play the latest "Need 4 Speed" every summer.
  • Become the best "FIFA" player in school.


Jessica wants to take her family
 to Paris for a week.
She wants:
  • Spend quality time with family and visit some new places.
  • Visit every state in the USA.
  • To go for a college road trip with friends.


Steve decided to optimise company spendings on SaaS.
His goals are:
  • Spend less time on creating a monthly report.
  • To have more efficient meetings.
  • Optimise spendings on SaaS.

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